Risk Management and Assessment

Control over risk policies and puts the business in the driver’s seat by providing flexibility and control to respond to market changes

Pricing Strategy

Flexibility and agility in managing pricing strategies to ensure a profitable balance between risk and acceptance rate

Reporting and Regulatory

Meet all regulatory requirements, even when ad-hoc reporting is required

Fraud and Money Laundering

Detect financial crime and cybersecurity risk early to avoid their negative impact on customers and profits

Product Eligibility

Enables organisations to offer consistently the right offer to customers across multiple lenders


Empowers lenders to quickly discover and implement the right strategies while adhering to operational and compliance constraints

Data Quality and Validation

Manage data quality across multiple processes with different viewpoints on a single source of record. Validate the data using business rules and data constraints.

Debt Collection

Automate collection & recovery processes to keep a close track on accounts receivable, timely and prevent any overdue accounts.